With summertime right around the corner, it’s normal that you want to take your kids to the best holiday locations. But, a long-distance flight might have been putting your plans on hold. Because flying with kids is no joke. Add on wearing a mask for the whole flight. Even though flying for family vacations may seem like such a hassle we got you covered with our tips! Gather the courage to take your kids on a trip. What’s the worst that can happen after all? Planning and booking are very important when flying with young kids.

  • While you’re searching for a flight to get you where you need to be, remember to pick the flight schedule that works around your kid's daily routine. Some parents pick out a night flight, so even if their kids sleep for just two hours, that’s a win situation. Booking a flight around your baby’s first nap can make a huge difference. Two hours of not worrying about keeping them entertained and maybe use that time to take a nap yourself. Booking a flight around your baby’s first nap can make a huge difference. Prepare yourself beforehand, and your kids too! Flying with kids can be tiring but it doesn’t have to be if you set some realistic expectations for everyone.
  • If you have two kids that are younger than five years old, then consider getting a double stroller to help you. Yoyo Connect is an accessory that hooks into the back of your stroller and can turn YOYO into a double stroller. https://ellijunior.com/collections/yoyo



  • Little kids, younger than 5, tend to struggle with tiredness, especially if they don’t nap during the day. So, by dinner time, they’ll end up falling asleep in the stroller. That means there is no other place for your youngest baby to stay if you’re at the airport. Or if you are walking around, exploring the new place. So, YOYO connects provides a bit more flexibility. If you want to keep things as light as possible, then you can also get the Baby Bjorn baby carrier. https://ellijunior.com/products/babybjorn-baby-carrier-harmony-3-d-mesh-silver It will help you keep your hand's free while at the airport and provide flexibility.
  • Preparing yourself also means filling up with lots of snacks before the flight. Some kids dislike the plane food so snacks are needed not only as a distraction but also to help with hunger. If you’re bringing any liquids for your babies such as formula milk or even veggie pouches prepare yourself. The airport security will have to screen them separately. This usually takes 5-10 extra minutes. The Beaba Isothermal meal pouch  is a great choice as it will keep your baby’s meal warm or cold during summer. Bonus point that has a waterproof and stainproof fabric. Beaba and Citron have many good products that are perfect for travelling https://ellijunior.com/collections/beaba https://ellijunior.com/collections/citron

  • Choose a mix of healthy treats and sweet treats to switch things up a little. But be careful with the snacks you choose as it's best to avoid colorful because they can make stains. Bring your water bottle to the airport and make sure it is filled up. Offer your baby to drink a lot of water. Well-hydrated during the travel helps the body to get through ‘’the stress’’ of too many snacks and unusual meals.
  • Accidents are pretty common during holidays and you are going to be in a new environment. The Sick Day Prep Kit by Fridababy contains everything you need to fight any illness. It is all in one grab-and-go package. You don’t have to worry if you forgot to put something in your first aid kit as everything you’ll need while traveling is already there. Don’t forget to pack the Sick Day Prep Kit by Fridababy! https://ellijunior.com/collections/fridababy

  • Pack a second outfit so you can change their clothes in case of vomiting or spilling water/food. Dark-colored clothes are most suitable as they help minimize the appearance of stains. Cotton clothing is a safe choice.
  • Don’t forget to bring some socks or a blanket with you just in case the flight is chilly.
  • Buy some cheap toys before leaving and wrap them up to surprise the kids with, when you’re on the plane. Avoid the temptation to pack all your kid’s favorite toys with you to the airport and be strategic with what you’ll take.Pick out toys that don’t have small parts. They are very risky for your toddler to put in his mouth. Small parts can also get lost. Magnetic games and activities are great for minimizing missing parts. Avoid toys that make a lot of noise. Opt for games that can be played alone or with two. Things like stickers, puzzles, and books work well. If your kids are aged from 0-to 6 years old, then the ‘’Who do I see in the mirror’’ book by Philly is a good option to choose. It reminds children that they are much more than their physical appearance. Bonus point it has some gorgeous illustrations on the inside. The feel and find game by Vilac, that you can find on ellijunior.com is a perfect choice when you’re traveling. https://ellijunior.com/products/vilac-feel-and-find-game 
  • Tablets are also helpful when traveling. Let’s be honest, we got to do what we got to do to make it as plain sailing as possible. So, download all of your kid’s favorite TV shows, movies, and games ahead of time to keep them entertained if you have a long flight ahead. Make sure you also pack kid-friendly headphones that fit your children to avoid bothering other passengers on board.

          And our final advice is to have fun and enjoy every moment spent traveling with kids! You will remember these trips forever, and you will talk about them. You are creating memories that will stay with you forever.

          We wish you a lovely summer holiday