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Boheme 2 Pack Latex S2 Glow

Boheme 2 Pack Latex S2 Glow

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BIBS Boheme takes inspiration in the modern bohemian style with a deep appreciation for mother nature. The bohemian style combines natural elements like wood, rattan, and macramé with artistic, quirky, and organic patterns making this new design fresh, creative, and super cute. BIBS Boheme comes with a round natural rubber latex nipple like our iconic BIBS Colour pacifier.


New round delicate design.
A round latex nipple is claimed by Midwifes
to support breastfeeding caused by giving the baby the correct sucking technique. Most similar to the mother’s breast – gives comfort to the baby.

  • Round nipple Latex
  • Product dimension: 7.8 x 4.85 x 16.7cm
  • Suitable from 6m+
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