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Storybook - Number Block Tiles

Storybook - Number Block Tiles

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Learning opportunities are endless with these gorgeous number block tiles! They can be used for number recognition, number formation, and counting skills! Each number board has a traceable number with a corresponding quantity mark. Use any loose parts or manipulatives to match number figures and quantities together or trace the number with your fingers to aid in number formation! Or place the number boards in sequence on the tray and watch as the boards increase in height!

Learning Outcomes Promoted

Number Block tiles can be used in a myriad of ways, including number identification, formation, representation, and correspondence! Children are encouraged to play with the boards as they see fit!


Imaginative skills are encouraged by providing children with an opportunity to fill the dimples with any loose parts to match the numerical value written.

Cognitive Development
The Number Boards can be used to learn to write numbers using the tracing stick and identify their value, by using the self-correcting corresponding dots to delineate value.

Critical Thinking
Critical thinking skills are encouraged through the depiction of value on the number boards.Even numbers always have a pair at the bottom, while odd numbers have a single dot by themselves.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Little Learners are encouraged to trace the smooth grooves of the large numbers and to feel each line and curve, building muscle memory for repeating the motions when writing on paper at a later stage.

Social skills
Children’s social skills are encouraged by providing them with an opportunity to describe the quantities of items represented.


  • Material: Beech Wood
  • Product size: L10*W30 cm
  • Conditions: Safe and non-toxic
  • Care: Use damp cloth to clean
  • Product Inclusions: Ten number block tiles; sizes in ascending order, one wooden board with grooves to hold numbers tiles, one wooden pen.
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for children 2+ years



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