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Toddlekind - Persian Prettier Playmat - Sand - Available Size: Standard/Large/X-Large/Playroom

Toddlekind - Persian Prettier Playmat - Sand - Available Size: Standard/Large/X-Large/Playroom

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Richly layered with muted beige tones, these Sand playmats will evoke the warmth of an Arabian night. Toddlekind prettier playmats are made of premium quality foam and provide a perfect playmat for your crawling baby, infant or toddler. Whether you're looking for a space for tummy time, an activity mat or a floor mat for baby, these playmats deliver it all. From the Persian Collection, Sand is a warm neutral shade of beige.

Having a stylish home really is child's play! Parents, make lots of compromises for their children, but style shouldnt be one of them. Toddlekind playmats will transform any space into an elegant and tasteful space. Babies and toddlers are protected from bumps and falls without you having to compromise your style. These playmats can seamlessly fit into any space and multiple packs can be joined together.

Toddlekind playmats are comprised of deluxe 60cm x 60cm tiles which each include edging bonders that give a seamless rug-like-look. Not only are the tiles easy to assemble, but the size for every home is available. Multiple packs can be joined together to cover any space. 

  • STANDARD - 120 x 180 cm (1 pack / 6 tiles) - Includes six (6) 60 x 60cm tiles and twelve (12) edging bonders. 
  • LARGE - 180 x 240 cm (2 packs / 12 tiles) - Includes twelve (12) 60 x 60cm tiles and twenty-four (24) edging bonders. 
  • EXTRA LARGE - 180 x 360 cm (3 packs/ 18 tiles) - Includes twelve (18) 60 x 60cm tiles and thirty-six (36) edging bonders. 
  • PLAYROOM - 240 x 360 cm (4 packs / 24 tiles) - Includes twenty-four (24) 60 x 60cm tiles and forty-eight (48) edging bonders. 

Play without delay- unlike fabric playmats, there is no need to do laundry every time baby spits up. Just wipe and go.
Durable design- these playmats are perfect for little toddlers and parents too but beware- high heels or pets claws may cause damage.

Non Toxic
Toddlekind Playmats are made of premium quality EVA foam. They are non-toxic and rigorously tested to the EU Toy Directive to ensure they meet and exceed requirements limiting heavy metals, lead, formamide and phthalates in children's products. Our products are EN71/CE certified and REACH certified by an independent laboratory.

Third Party Testing
Safety testing of Toddlekind products is conducted by a world leading CPSC approved (Consumer Product Safety Commission), independently accredited testing laboratory.

Care Instructions:
With the mat connected, gently wipe with a damp towel or a sponge using mild soap and water, then dry completely with a dry towel.
Avoid using harsh or abrasive detergents. Prolonged exposure of the mat to liquids may cause damage, therefore do not use wet cloths - a damp sponge is best, and please ensure it is completely dry.



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