About Us

We are proud to be  the official distributor of the gorgeous Elodie Details and Geggamoja in the GCC. 

Elodie Details is a Swedish design company that creates functional and innovative baby products that live up to their motto of making "big differences for small people".

At Elodie Details we believe that the products we use in everyday baby life are more than simple necessities for an easier day. They tell us something about who we are. Personal style is not a question of age and we therefore strive to create fun and unique products that express a personality. Our mission is to elevate all those little products of everyday baby life into stylish accessories. From pacifiers and pacifier clips, to strollers and stroller accessories - all with a unique sense of style.

Elodie Details' products are sold through retailers in 35 different countries across five continents, from El Salvador to New Zeeland.


What we do:  design + quality + function 

Our goal is to create good looking, practical and comfortable clothing. Fun details transform a simple jacket or a cute dress into a cool garment. Most garments are unisex. They are made in lovely materials like triquots, velour, cotton, jersey, denim and fleece. Solid colors are matched with a classic stripe in new fresh color combinations. In addition, the popular hat collection is made in various trendy and irresistible patterns. It is not surprising that the hats are just as popular among adults! For different occasions, weathers or activities, you can always find what you need in GEGGAMOJA.


GEGGAMOJA aims to produce all products as responsibly and sustainable as possible. This is a continuing process between GEGGAMOJA and its producers. We aim for a broad and long-term environmental approach to our entire business, which is a constant factor in all decision making at all levels. Our goal is to have a 100% sustainable company.


Today we are represented in 20 countries plus more than 300 shops in the world. You can easily find us in most of European and Asia countries. Now we are expanding very fast and receiving lots of positive feedback from customers everywhere in the world. You might see us very soon in the corner of your neighborhood. You know we can’t wait to share our lifestyle with you!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to see how you can be a part of making our children's world a prettier place.