How to Prepare Your Home To Welcome The New Baby

How to Prepare Your Home To Welcome The New Baby

Welcome The New Baby

A new baby is that milestone that alters your life completely. Several things may need to be changed in your life - and this reorganisation of life begins with your home. It is not just about designing a baby room, but preparing the entire house so that life becomes easy and comfortable. It is crucial to do this kind of reorganisation before the baby's arrival.

If you are confused about where to start, you may follow these pointers to guide you…

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  1. Identifying Space For Your Baby

    There is going to be a new addition to your family. Needless to say, you are going to need more room in your house. Physical modifications and civil work will need time. Even if you want to share your bedroom with your baby, you need to ensure your bed is safe. The other alternative is to buy a good quality baby cot that fits in your room without restricting physical movement. The room should not look congested, so buy baby furniture accordingly.

  2. Clean and baby-proof your home

    If you do not need to get any civil modifications done and feel you have enough space in your house, even then, you must get a thorough cleaning of the house done. This exercise must be done at least 3-4 months before the baby is born. firstly because in the last stages of pregnancy, you might get exhausted while supervising the cleaning, and also because once you get busy as a mother, you will not have enough time on your hands.

    Be careful about using safe cleaning products because all of these are not suitable for pregnant moms. If you plan on getting pest control done, step out of your home for the day as the fumes might be harmful.

  3. Make a shopping list

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    Even if you don't want to shop before your baby's birth, keep a ready list of things that you will need. You may buy baby products online or visit a baby shopping store and have a "things to buy" list. It is always a good idea to note down the shop where you will eventually buy the things you've selected - it'll save you time and effort. These details will also come in handy if you are not shopping on your own and have to depute someone.

    When you are gradually collecting baby things or baby accessories, organise them well. Keep a separate wardrobe or chest of drawers for baby clothes, nappies, stuffed toys, toiletries etc. Some baby shower gifts will also be quite useful. This pre-planning and organisation will make it easier to settle down in a comfortable routine with your new baby.

  4. Involve your older child

    If you are preparing to welcome your second baby, get the older child prepared too. Older siblings are very caring and protective towards the new baby and you can encourage that in many small ways. Do involve them in deciding a theme for the baby room, or what kind of baby accessories could you get. Emotional preparation may also involve modifying the older child's routine - especially if the older child is a toddler. Before your due date, try and incorporate these changes - such as shifting them to their own bed or junior baby cot, potty training etc.

  5. Pack and prepare your hospital bag

    Once you reach full term, you can go into labour at any time. It is always wise to get the basic essentials ready beforehand. Buy baby things and essential baby accessories at least a couple of months in advance - or by the middle of your seventh month and pack them. Baby nappies, towels, sheets, diapers, toiletries, feeding bottles, baby clothes are the essentials that you should definitely buy in advance. Once you have the hospital bag ready, all you need to do is pick it up and leave for the hospital even if labour begins earlier than expected.

The arrival of a baby is really the start of a new life for everyone in the family. The Elli Junior community is always here to support you in your parenting journey. Stay connected with us!

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