How To Prepare Your Kids To Get Back To School

How To Prepare Your Kids To Get Back To School

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Whether your child is to get back to school from after the summer or whether baby is a toddler getting ready for school for the very first time, mothers always have to prepare well in advance.

Here are 5 ways on how to prepare your kids to get back to school times:

  1. Advance / Prepone Bed Time By An Hour
    Newborn babies sleep when they want to, wake up when they want to, and as mothers, we have never changed that. But once your baby is a toddler who is ready for some kind of daycare or even playschool, you will need to programme them into a fixed and early sleep time so that they wake up early morning without feeling groggy. The kind of effort you put into getting your juniors baby bed or baby cot, you may as well tuck the little one in, an hour earlier than normal. Do that for a week, and the next week or as soon they get used to this sleeping time, advance it by another half an hour. Over time, you will find your little one ready to get into or get back to school in the morning, fresh as a daisy.

  2. Introduce An Activity Coinciding With Morning School Time
    When you wake your kids up at the same time as school, even while they are on vacation, they are bound to resent you. So you should replace the school going ritual with an exciting, fun activity that they do at the same time. Hand them the kids scooter or outdoor toys and let them have a gala time during school hours. That way, the kids will want to wake up at the same time as school, and have a lot of fun.

  3. Handle Holiday Homework & Mix It With Play
    Create an environment of reading and studying during the summer vacation itself. Just because it’s a holiday does not mean that kids will have a free pass for unlimited screen time or to do whatever they please. If you need to buy kids furniture like a table chair set etc, then go ahead and do that – kids room décor could do with a revamp just before school opens, so that it looks like the welcoming of a new start for the children. The more you keep a routine during school holidays, the better for your kids so keep the routine of study and play, especially educational toys, outdoor toys like kids scooter etc, while introducing cosmetic changes in kids room eg to kids room décor or kids room furniture.

  4. Back to School Shopping
    school bags
    Make going back to school a happy event by doing special back to school shopping trip in Dubai especially Nakheel mall if that’s in your vicinity for Elli Junior children products. Shop for new kids school bags, trolley school bags, kids lunch box or even custom school bags for girls or boys. Getting a new backpack for school makes the child look forward to school the way we all look forward to a vacation. If you want to make that shopping trip an special occasion, end it with a sumptuous treat and the kids will forever think that going back to school is a thing to look forward to. So go ahead and take the kids out. If you cannot go out yourself, due to your job or other reasons, then don’t feel guilty – you can always order kids school backpacks, trolley bags and lunch box etc online so go ahead and do that at if you cannot take the kids out shopping in person.

  5. Get Kids Furniture For Homework
    Do the kids have a designated desk to write on? Kids furniture may seem trivial but if we can design baby room interiors then why not design a study friendly room for school going children? If your kids room interior is well done and you make your child do the same routine day after day, s/he will learn to associate the kids table and kids chair as part of study routine. Study habits, then, become associated with the house surroundings.

With Elli Junior on your side, you will never run out of ideas on how to prepare your kids to get back to school. All baby and children shopping is a piece of cake when shopping at Elli Junior! Come back and tell us how your little one coped with getting back to school ☺
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