Summer Travel Tips and Must-Have Items for Families with Kids

Summer Travel Tips and Must-Have Items for Families with Kids

As the summer sun beckons, families everywhere are gearing up for memorable adventures. Whether you're embarking on a road trip, hitting the beach, or exploring new cities, travelling with kids requires careful planning and the right gear. At Elli Junior, we understand the importance of making every journey enjoyable and stress-free for both parents and children. 

Here are some essential travel tips and must-have items to ensure your summer travels with kids are a breeze:

Friendly advice for easier Travel

Before you hit the road or board that plane, planning can save you from unnecessary stress, so that everyone can enjoy their holiday!:

  • Where possible try and choose family-friendly destinations with activities suitable for children of different ages.
  • Depending  if your children are still napping or not, try and plan your schedule to accommodate nap times and meal breaks to keep everyone happy and energised. We always suggest either a travel stroller or baby carrier for convenient naps on the go!
  • Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks: to avoid a ‘’hangry’’ child ( and possibly mum & dad too) always pack snacks in lunch bags with a full water bottle at all times!

Comfort is Key

Travelling can be exhausting, especially for little ones. Ensuring comfort throughout the journey is crucial:

  • Travel Gear: Invest in lightweight strollers, that  offer comfort and safety without adding bulk. We are loving the new Joolz Aer. Perfect for travelling in airports!
  • The JetKids Travel Bed transforms an economy seat into a comfortable bed for your child, making long flights more bearable.

  • If you haven't tried the Beaba Easy Luggage Travel Suitcase - rust us when we say it is a game changer! This versatile suitcase allows your child to sit on it while going through the airport, perfect for when they’re too big for a pram.
  • Travel Crib: A portable travel crib ensures your baby has a safe and familiar sleeping space wherever you go.

Sun Protection and Swimwear

Summer travel often means plenty of outdoor fun. Protect your little ones from the sun and keep them ready for water adventures:

Don’t forget to pack your Swimwear and even swim vests for the little ones. Just in case there aren’t any available at your destination!

Always protect the kids from the sun with a high-SPF sun cream, as well as hats and Sunglasses to complete their sun protection ensemble

Entertainment on the Go

Keep boredom at bay with engaging activities and entertainment options:

  • Travel-Friendly Toys: Bring along travel-friendly games, colouring books, and for the older ones a tablet loaded with kid-friendly apps and movies. Small enough toys to pack always helps to entertain the smaller travellers. For the youngest travellers, we always find a small wooden maze is the most engaging!

  • Favourite Soft Toy: Ensure your child has their favourite soft toy for comfort during travel and at bedtime. Top tip:  Always have a back up if they are obsessed with a particular soft toy!
  • Books and Audiobooks: Stimulate young minds with age-appropriate books and audiobooks for educational entertainment during downtime.

Snacks and Hydration

Hungry kids can quickly turn a pleasant trip into a meltdown. Pack nutritious snacks and stay hydrated:

  • Healthy Snacks: Opt for easy-to-pack snacks like fruit slices, granola bars, and crackers to keep hunger pangs at bay.
  • Carry spill-proof water bottles to ensure hydration on the go. Most airports allow parents to carry water through the security up to age 6!

Now here are our top 3 Parenting Tips for Travel: What are your top tips for travel!

  •  Always travel with an emergency first-aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and any necessary medications.
  • Always pack spare outfits for you and your kids.
  • Keep calm, plan ahead and Enjoy!

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Happy travels from Elli Junior!

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