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Miniland Educational doll collections are an important educational resource which help comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, respect for racial and sexual diversity.
Made in Spain, these anatomically correct dolls are vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby.
The dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races.
The dolls can be articulated and as they are full bodied vinyl cannot be bathed.  Made in Phytalates-free vinyl, they are soft and flexible to the touch.

The entire MINILAND dolls collection follows a strict and exhaustive quality control during its manufacture to achieve the safety tests for AUS/NZISO8124 1.2.3 

You can clean and wash the Miniland dolls with no influence on their quality or durability. Please keep in mind that bathing or diving the doll may leave some water residue inside.

​Our dolls are not airtight, the space between their body parts can´t be sealed by any element that may detach and produce small pieces risking the kids safety.
Suitable for 18 months +