Choosing the correct Car Seat for your child

Choosing the correct Car Seat for your child

Choosing the correct Car Seat for your child 

The best car seat is one that fits your child, fits your car(s) and is easy to install and to use.

When choosing a car seat for your child the factors that must be considered are things like age, weight, and height of the child.

As a rule of thumb, please see below the different car seats based on age and weight as quick snapshot:

Car seat




Group 0+

birth to 13 kg

up to 12 months


Group 1

9 to 18 kg

9 months to 3½ years


Group 2/3/4

15 to 36 kg

3½ years to 12 years


Age categories are also often stated, but because one child can be heavier than the other, the age group should be considered primarily an indication.

It is safest to buy a car seat to suit your child’s height or weight as they grow, rather than buy a car seat that covers the whole weight range.

Top Tips for selecting a Car Seat

  • Always check  whether your car has Isofix connectors built into it. These are designed to make fitting baby and child car seats simpler. 
  • Always choose a baby or child car seat that's right for your child's current height and weight. 
  • Do not buy a secondhand car seat. It could have been damaged in an accident, and may not have all its parts, including the instructions
  •  We recommend that you always think about how you will be using the car seat. If you'll be lifting your baby in and out of the car a lot, for example, you may be better off getting a lightweight seat with a base that stays in the car.

While in a car the UAE Law States that children should be in a car seat till age 4 years old. Violators will be fined AED 400 and given four black points. The front seat passenger should also be at least 145 cm tall and not younger than 10 years old. 

However, we ALWAYS suggest that babies are always best-protected travelling in a rear-facing direction. This way, the energy of the impact is absorbed and distributed by the seat shell and car seat belts. And children beyond the age of 4 years old should have at least a booster seat, as it adds extra protection in case of impact, yet it is also more comfortable for their head to rest, while also protecting  their neck.

How do I know when to change my baby from rear to forward facing or to the next stage of car seats?

This should only be done when your baby has outgrown his baby car seat when the top of his head reaches the top of the seat back. Do not switch to the next stage car seat until this time. Make sure your baby's head is generously protected by the (top of the) seat. Don’t worry if the child's legs extend beyond the edge of the seat.

 Remember that a rear-facing orientation to protect infants' delicate heads, necks, and spines in the event of a crash.

When should I switch from a toddler seat to a child seat?

From a toddler seat, step up to a group 2/3 child seat if your child’s shoulders are 2 cm above the highest openings for the shoulder straps in the toddler seat when the headrest is set in its highest position. Make sure the headrest of the child car seat is set at the lowest position when switching over.

Newborn Car Seats:

Newborn car seats, also known as infant car seats, are specially designed to provide maximum safety and comfort for newborns and young infants.

When selecting a newborn car seat, it's essential to choose one that is appropriate for your baby's size, weight, and age, and to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and use carefully to ensure maximum safety and protection for your little one.

They typically come with a five-point harness system, which secures the baby at the shoulders, hips, and between the legs, along with a side-impact protection to shield the baby's head and neck in case of a collision.

Most newborn car seats come with infant inserts to provide additional support and comfort for very small babies. These inserts help keep the baby's headband removed according to your babies growth.

It is sometimes easier to buy a car seat for newborns which is compatible with Strollers, as it allows parents to easily transfer their sleeping baby from the car to the stroller without disturbing them. 

We love the Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Car Seat Essentials Travel System for this cool feature. It easily attaches to most prams along with adapters, and it even has a 360 rotation feature and comes with an in - built sun canopy for outdoor adventures!


Convertible Car Seats:

These car seats are available  for children from birth to around 4 years old.

They are versatile  and quickly allow them to transition from rear-facing to forward-facing positions as the child grows. Many of these car seats come with an IsoFix to  anchor the car seat to the car's shell and existing seat, to ensure the seat is secure rather than holding it in place with the seat belt. 

We love the Maxi-Cosi Mica Car Seat. It comes with an Isofix system for secure installation, and has a great 360 system, making it easier for you to get your baby in and out of the car. And the best part is that it will be suitable for your child up to the age of 4 years old!

Toddler Car Seats:

 These car seats are often used from  9 months to 4 years old.

 They often feature a five-point harness systems to secure toddlers in forward-facing positions, providing optimal protection.

These car seats come with adjustable harnesses and reclining positions to accommodate children's comfort and changing needs.

One of our favourite toddler car seats is the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Smart I-Size Car Seat. This car seat is to be used with a base (which is purchased separately). Although it may not rotate, it can be used as rear and forward facing. 

 Booster Seats (Stage 4):

These car seats are often used for children aged around 4 to 12 years old.

They are without a harness, but instead rely on the cars inbuilt seat belt for protection and security.  Remember to always ensure that the seat belt has the correct positioning across the child's chest and lap for effective protection. The same as you would do if you were an adult.

One of our favourite toddler car seats is the Maxi-Cosi Kore I-Size Car Seat. it comes with an iso-fix, and a belt positioner for more comfortable rides. The height is also adjustable to accomodate to your growing child and can suit a child up to age 12 years old  or a height of 150cm.

What other things should I consider?

 Beyond choosing the type of car seat there are other factors to consider such as the model of your car, your lifestyle and whether your car has an Isofix or not.

When is a car seat not safe to use anymore?

It is always suggested to not buy a car seat 2nd hand, as in case it has been in a car accident without your knowledge, it is no longer safe to use

Each car seat that Elli Junior stocks has been through  rigorous crash testing and certification processes in order to  evaluate the car seat performance and safety to ensure optimal protection for their children.

 At Elli Junior, we care about your child's safety and always suggest having your child in their car seat at all times, in case of any accidents on the busy roads of the UAE. A car seat will always give you peace of mind.  We are here to help you choose the correct car seat for your child, and if you are unsure of the correct installation, please feel free to reach out to us for more information on selection and installation. 

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