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Puppet World Collectable Toy S - Mrs. Mouse

Puppet World Collectable Toy S - Mrs. Mouse

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A puppet friend to cherish wherever you go! Mrs. Mouse is ready for the beach with a refreshing water melon to cool off on a hot summer day. This fun range of animal puppets and their cute accessories spark childrenÕs interest and creativity. Each little setting encourages them to tap in their own imagination and play creatively. Together with these little figurines, kids discover all the joys of open ended play! On top of that, children develop a great deal of valuable skills while playing with these puppets. By creating their own stories, children learn how to look at situations from different perspectives. Playing with these fun friends helps them expand their vocabulary and enhance their social skills. Collect them all!

100% organic cotton - PES filling

Product dimension: Head to toe: 13cm

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